Solutions to support learning and living in higher education

From classrooms to lecture theatres and student villages, our responsibly made solutions rise to the challenge of contributing to positive experiences for students learning and living in higher education.

Higher education estates have a stiff challenge; to provide a positive experience for students while delivering long-term value for the establishment. The exact nature of this challenge lies in the role of the space. From classrooms that need to support learning and general areas that must set a great first impression to accommodation that provides a comfortable, home-like atmosphere; the floor must be able to support these objectives without compromising affordability or performance.

Throughout any tertiary estate, the multiple roles of flooring will require specifications to be built upon a foundation of the floorcovering’s suitability for a given role. For example, a carpet tile makes a good choice for quiet study areas, while an LVT floor is well suited to feature areas such as cafés, and a Heterogeneous Vinyl is ideal for general congregation areas.

For many establishments, the importance of sustainability is a major influence on the specification of materials. With a lack of government policy and guidance, it has been for each establishment to determine how much of a priority sustainability is. And with projects such as Cambridge University’s Civil Engineering Building providing a test-bed for University developed models – Energy Cost Metric – that deliver low-energy buildings that are still cost conscious, it is a sector that is driving change.  


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Sustainable solutions

As we take big steps forward in our Journey to 2040, we’re creating solutions that provide a more sustainable choice. From cleaner manufacturing in our state-of-the-art factories to innovative solutions that feature recycled content and provide lower impact installation, we’re focused on making products that give a long life in more sustainable ways.


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Understanding the role of flooring

As multi-disciplinary environments, higher education establishments need floor solutions that can respond to the unique challenges of specific areas.

Learning environments

From lecture halls and classrooms to laboratories, learning environments are varied and so, first and foremost, the environment must be approached with a specification that meets requirements.

understanding floors in tertiary education
Optimise 70 acoustic vinyl flooring in classroom
Art Fields carpet tiles for classroom and lecture theatres
Isafe safety vinyl flooring for slip-resistance in higher education circulation
Carpet tiles for study and concentration in tertiary education
Vinyl floors for canteens and cafes in higher education
Vinyl floors for gyms, leisure and activity areas in higher education

7. Offices

Rather than the multi-disciplinary showcase environments of modern corporate workplaces, offices within tertiary education are functional environments. The comfort and acoustic performance of carpet tiles are a natural option:

Art Style carpet tiles for offices in higher education

8. Toilets, kitchens & self-service laundry

With a set of unique conditions, floors for these areas must be able to provide slip-resistance in wet and dry conditions and resist chemical attack from soaps, detergents. These requirements make our safety heterogeneous vinyl a suitable choice.

Floors for higher education toilets, kitchens and student laundry
Modular vinyl LVT floors for student accommodation

Student accommodation

In student accommodation, it’s the responsibility of the floor to create a home-like feel that helps students feel settled and comfortable while remaining durable and practical. For this reason, natural looking effects are a preferred option, but they must also deliver a comparatively affordable finish. We’ve a proven track record of delivering exactly this in both on-site and off-site construction with Heterogeneous Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

As these buildings also involve shared spaces, our commercial products can also help to create a sense of fluidity and harmony within the building, while also having the depth to support defined activities and areas.


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Higher education projects

Our LVT and Heterogeneous Vinyl floors have been successfully used on higher education projects across Europe, delivering high-quality floor finishes that support learning and living.

 Carpet Tiles at Trinity College Dublin universit

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin wanted to upgrade the spaces used for its new MSc in Computer Sciences department. Mahony Architects created an open layout with an industrial look and vibrant accent colours, creating an inspiring space where academia meets professionalism.

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From Here: Galway Central

From Here: Galway Central is a purpose-built student accommodation complex that has used our LayRed 55 acoustic engineered vinyl, LVT and Carpet Tiles to promote the wellbeing of resident students.

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Higher education flooring heroes

Isafe 70 36+ TRRL safety flooring tertiary learning
Rudiments acoustic carpet tile for sound reduction in higher education
Layred 55 engineered vinyl floors colleges and universities

Isafe 70

Isafe 70 Heterogeneous Vinyl is a safety solution for the most demanding environments. Suitable for intense use, it provides 36+ TRRL and meets all HSE and European safety norms. Available in a total of 36 effects across natural, material and decorative looks; Isafe 70’s Hypergrip surface reduces maintenance and enhances appearance retention. Responsibly made in Belgium, it is an affordable safety solution that’s impressively versatile.

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The Rudiments Carpet Tile collection comes with the acoustic performance of EchoFlex Echo as standard on selected designs and colours. Three designs in 12 tone-on-tone colourways provide options in a carpet tile for large areas that provides an affordable performance floor suited to supporting the learning needs of students in today’s higher education environments.

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Studio Moods

Studio Moods is our modular vinyl concept for easy to implement bespoke flooring design. With more than 100 predefined patterns through our fast QuickShip programme, tertiary education environments can add signature style in facilities. Bringing a unique look to breakout, cafes and congregation areas, Studio Moods is made from nine shapes and 160 designs for freedom in bespoke design.

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