IVC Group and COVID-19: what measures are we taking against the coronavirus?

In a world where the coronavirus has created a new reality, we have taken every possible precaution to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers. We also went beyond that, contributing to the set-up of mobile hospitals around the globe. Here’s an overview of what IVC is doing to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

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What we are doing for our employees: putting our people and their safety first

As an international organisation, we are taking every possible measure to ensure the wellbeing of our colleagues in all production facilities and offices around the globe. We also carefully communicate these rules to each colleague directly via various platforms.

These are the COVID-19 measures we have taken to protect our people:


  • We have installed automatic water taps, so people don’t have to touch the tap to wash their hands. New hot water boilers make sure that all water taps dispense warm water.
  • cleaning team is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The team follows a specific route and focuses on frequently touched areas, such as door handles and surfaces.
  • All doors are kept open to prevent people from touching handles, shared keyboards and touchscreens are covered in plastic that is regularly cleaned and replaced, and employees are instructed to clean machinery before and after each use.
  • We have provided our first aid workers with a safety package. This allows them to help their colleagues, if necessary, without compromising their own safety.


  • We created and distributed an “IVC Virus Protection Bag”, which contains personal protective equipment (PPE). We also appointed a PPE manager to monitor the stock and distribution of extra supplies, as these will routinely be refilled. The “IVC Virus Protection Bag” contains:
    • a clear explanation on how to prevent contamination, properly wash hands and ensure social distancing;
    • a bottle of disinfectant;a package of disinfectant wipes;
    • washable, reusable hygienic textile face masks;
    • Safety glasses;
    • Hand gel
  • Working from home is the current new standard for over 90% of our office staff, and all department managers have been clearly informed of who is allowed to come in to work. To make this possible, we have invested in laptops for all office colleagues, which were set up by the IT department in record time.
  • We only allow business-critical visitors on site and have reorganised the way we welcome visitors, truck drivers, contractors and bulk suppliers to ensure sufficient social distance and prevent physical contact. To do so, we have provided the necessary equipment, such as plexiglass screens, face masks and safety glasses.
  • We introduced one-way traffic for both our labourers and our office workers. This way we prevent people from getting within the 1.5 metre range.
  • Whenever possible, physical meetings are replaced by virtual meetings. If a physical meeting is absolutely essential, we reorganised our meeting rooms and limited the number of participants so that we can fully guarantee the required social distance of 1.5 metres.


  • We carried out a detailed risk analysis, individually checking and evaluating each workstation and office, and setting specific social distancing rules. These rules are clearly posted throughout each facility and everyone has been instructed on how to follow them. Safety tape, plexiglass and poles all help to reduce the risk of infection and mark the social distance perimeter. We also created “Safe Social Distance” vinyl floor mats. These draw the eye at the entrances of our buildings and emphasise the importance of social distancing.
  • All training sessions and business travel plans have been put on hold until further notice.

“I’m grateful for the commitment of all IVC colleagues to following these coronavirus guidelines.
After all, they do make our day-to-day jobs more challenging.”

Jan Vergote, CEO of IVC Group

What we are doing for our customers: remaining a steadfast partner

Since we are an international company operating on a global scale, we have taken all local legislation and coronavirus guidelines into account, while identifying the best way to conduct business in this new world. Additionally, here’s how we continue to care for our customers:

  • We are fully operational and continue to provide the services that our customers expect from us. To do so, we have made the necessary internal reorganisations needed to process orders, answer questions and make deliveries.

  • We listen to our customers’ questions and concerns and support their individual needs where possible. For example, we share our expertise and offer guidelines and advice on how to make their shops safe.

  • We continue to support our dealers and provide them with new leads. That’s why we recently launched a social media campaign in Belgium and the Netherlands targeting DIY customers. It brings people who want to install IVC floors into contact with local dealers, even in times of restricted movement.

  • We communicate updates and new initiatives using our offline and online channels on a regular basis. Follow us on social media to stay up to date!

“It’s not business as usual, but one thing remains unchanged: we continue to be a reliable partner to our customers.”

Jan Vergote, CEO of IVC Group

How we contribute to our communities

At IVC, we go beyond flooring. That’s why, in times like these, we also go the extra mile. Over the past few weeks, we have contributed to the rapid setup of emergency coronavirus response sites in multiple countries in Europe and the Middle East by scheduling urgent productions of antibacterial vinyl.

Heterogeneous vinyl for an Abu Dhabi field hospital

In Abu Dhabi, an impressive field hospital was set up to care for coronavirus victims. IVC helped build the facility, providing 25,000 m² of its ITEC 471 heterogeneous vinyl safety flooring in Scarlett T73. The floor is anti-slip, bacteriostatic and easily sanitised.

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Heterogeneous vinyl for a field hospital in Cluj-Napoca - Romania

This field hospital was set up urgently in de main sport hall of Cluj-Napoca, a large city about 400 km from Bucharest, to create an extra capacity of 358 beds in the war against COVID-19. It’s the result of a private initiative that called on the help of large companies, including IVC Group. IVC Group provided in Isafe Sabbia 572 heterogeneous vinyl, a safety floor that offers a hygienic solution with sustainable slip-resistance.

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