Safe distancing the creative way

Safe distancing is here to stay for a while, so how can you use your floor to create clear separation markers without having to resort to unsightly temporary solutions?

Offices, retail, hospitality and leisure, education and healthcare locations across the world will now be looking to implement safe distancing and the floor is a natural and non-intrusive way of achieving this. Designs and layouts that can implement the required distance while still remaining attractive will become the norm, accommodating the need to implement measures when necessary without detracting from the interior’s aesthetic principles at other times.

Our flooring solutions can achieve this in carpet tiles, LVT and heterogeneous vinyl. So, no matter what the project, you can create stylish floor layouts with zones that serve a dual-purpose. Our carpet tiles are available in 50 x 50 cm or 75 x 25 cm planks, combining beautifully through pattern and/or colour to signify safe distances in corporate and office environments, as well as education and hospitality spaces.

The performance of LVT is a popular choice in a broad range of commercial spaces and our solutions can be used to create zones through texture, colour or even shape. Studio Moods, our short-run bespoke solution, takes this to a whole new level, bringing a really creative solution to zoning and safe distancing with a range of geometric shapes available across our Moduleo 55 specification LVT.

The width of our XL planks available in Moduleo 55 also make it possible to create safe distance markers in a range of wood effects. Mixing shades of authentic wood looks, such as the rustic Country Oak or elegant Sherman Oak, to create zones is a great way to bring dual-purpose while retaining a welcoming and relaxing natural aesthetic.

For locations that demand the heavy-duty characteristics of heterogeneous vinyl, we offer one of the widest collection of decors available, ensuring you can deliver the contrast needed to create safe distance zones in wood looks, stone and concrete effects, or plain colours. It’s also simple to introduce shapes into your layout, such as circles at 1,5 m centre to mark out safe zones around areas. And with Invisiweld, our solution for strong and seamless installation, unsightly seams are avoided for a more authentic look that won’t detract from your dual-purpose design.

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