SHELL - Feeling right at home: the revival of cocooning

It’s a popular format in mainstream media these days: TV shows on home renovation and interior design. Both feature the same recurring theme: personalising one’s home to perfection. Professional designers line up to craft a condo exactly to the resident’s liking. This brings back a focus on the home, which in interior design, is also known as ‘cocooning’.

Home away from home

Retailers and marketeers are responding to this newfound home nostalgia with appropriate new business models: Italian furniture brand Minotto replaced the classic layout of its Antwerp flagship store with a comfy showroom that feels just like home, and online retailer Amazon debuted Amazon Showroom, a visual shopping experience that allows customers to place furniture into a virtual living room. Even modern-day workplaces are reminiscent of homey interiors.  

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Today’s interior design credo: get personal!

So, where does this craving for homely spaces come from? As the world gets bigger, people are looking for beacons of comfort. Amidst the buzz from outside, we desire the serene, quiet peace of familiar surroundings – at home, in shops, and at work. The constant pressure of connecting and sharing in this digital age has revitalised a growing need for privacy and protecting what is dear to us.

This nineties design trend was at the time a response to growing globalisation. Today, we reclaim our personal space as a reaction to digital oversharing. We expect our interiors to offer both mental and physical relief, much like a warm embrace. This can be seen in tactile designs in muted colours combined with natural fabrics such as silk and linen.

We expect our interiors to offer both mental and physical relief,
much like a warm embrace

The colour of sand

Warm shades of pink and sand are at the heart of this colour palette, perfectly matched with delicate fabrics such as velvet, silk and linen. The result? A cosy ambience second to none.

Living like an artist

Warm, deep tones blend with round shapes and subtle textures. Imagine yourself as an artist carefully selecting a few impactful works that will take your project to a higher level.

Flecks and specks

Give each space a homey feel with some distinctive features: marble texture flooring for a chic finish or eye-catching decorations with speckles for a playful contemporary look.

Opposites attract

Inspired by natural materials and organic forms, this stone motif floor shows off contrasting colours to its full advantage. Through a combination of true-to-nature looks, textures, warmth and comfort, you’ll create a nurturing and harmonious environment. A great example of biophilic design at its finest.

3 tips that make each space feel like home

  • Mix and match! Create the ultimate home bubble with a stylish combination of warm hues and natural fabrics.
  • Unveil your inner artist: decorate the room with artsy masterpieces.
  • Don’t be afraid to stand out: break soft, muted designs and colours up with frisky patterns.

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