3 reasons why vinyl flooring works well in retail

From pop-up shops to in-store cafés, retail is always evolving and creating new and better customer experiences. Building a warm, hospitable environment that reinforces the store’s brand is an important part of that. That’s where the right flooring solution, as the customer’s primary touchpoint with the shop’s design, can make all the difference. But what boxes should the perfect retail floor tick?

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1. Flexibility and adaptability

Many retailers regularly update the look and feel of their stores. Therefore, an interior that catches the eye and is also easy to adapt is key. Vinyl flooring is the perfect fit: it’s easy to install and remove again, it can be reused in a different space and it is easy to maintain – which is great in a high-traffic environment such as a store.

A particular favourite for pop-up shops, LVT has minimal impact on the host space, as it can be installed without glue on an even surface with an underlay. This allows retailers to quickly and easily set up an eye-catching shop at a new location that integrates perfectly with their brand identity.

2. A sense of theatrics

(Choosing) the (right) floor plays a huge part in creating a shopping environment that sets the right tone and excites the customer. Colours, textures and shapes all have subtle but distinct impacts on psychology and moods. On the other hand, more tangible aspects such as acoustics and underfoot comfort also contribute to a better shopping experience.

Combining different flooring types, like vinyl and carpet tiles, also opens up opportunities to draw or divert attention, creating hotspots within the store for specific merchandise. A pop of colour or surprising texture can be used to draw the eye and stimulate interest.

3. Breathing brand authenticity

Authenticity is often associated with a certain tone of voice in marketing materials or face-to-face interactions. The challenge for retail design is to translate those authentic values into physical spaces, and vinyl flooring can be a great tool for that. It creates the base layer for visual continuity, or an accent that adds intrigue and personality. The choice of finish can communicate a sense of heritage, reflect the history or provenance of the brand, or refer to the location. Using vinyl flooring in retail even makes it possible to tap into themes like biophilic design and sustainability that reinforce a brand’s philosophy and ethos.

At Dutch shoe store SchoenenZaken, owners Joël Timmerman, Paul Vetter and Thies Nicolai purposefully chose to get creative with IVC’s Studio Moods tiles to create the perfect frame for their stylish men’s shoes. The result is an eye-catching floor which brings the brand identity to life and greatly contributes to the overall shopping experience.

Check out SchoenenZaken’s shoe wonderland


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